Frequently Asked Questions

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General Info

Our service allows you to shop from the US easily. We facilitate your purchases from US merchants by providing you a US address. You use this address to ship your items from US websites. When your packages come to our warehouse, you can see them via your account and have the items repacked together into one box and shipped to your home.

US Delivered is a service from US Global Mail, a trusted longtime leader in international shipping and mail forwarding. US Global Mail has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the leading business-vetting organization in the U.S.

Enter your US Delivered address as the "Shipping Address" as shown below, whenever you buy from US online stores.

Name: Your Name Address (line 1): 1323 Upland Dr. Address (line 2): Suite XXXX (enter your suite number here) City: Houston State: Texas or TX Zip Code/Postal Code: 77043

To find your UD Delivered address, sign in to your account, and it will be in the middle of your dashboard.

You may also be asked for a “billing address" when paying online retailers. Use the home country address associated with your credit card.

Nope. You can live anywhere in the world and still get or keep a US address and shop from the US

While many stores and online retailers might ship to your home country, their shipping prices are very high. And if you buy items from 3 different vendors you will pay for international shipping 3 times.

With our service, you get a US address and will get your shopping delivered to that address. Most US retailers will ship free to your address with us. You can shop from multiple vendors and get all your items repacked into 1 box and pay for international shipping once instead of thrice! Plus with our rates you will save 50-80% off of international shipping rates.

Also keep in mind, many US retailers may not accept international cards. We can buy items on your behalf if that is ever an issue.

First, our parent company is US Global Mail, a trusted longtime leader in international shipping and mail forwarding used by companies such as Shell, Exxon, Netflix, Disney etc.

Second, our shipping rates are the best among similar services. We get very heavy discounts from shippers thanks to the volumes we ship and we pass those discounts to you.

Finally, we offer what no other service does- Guaranteed delivery of your package with our Track-Me-Home™ service.

We consider Monday-Friday business days. Our offices are open 7.30am - 6pm on business days.

Signing Up

Yes. Once you sign up, your address will be permanent. The monthly subscription gets you 30 days of use. Keep your subscription current for uninterrupted service. If you decide to cancel, you can still keep your address for future orders, simply log back in to your account and restart your membership.

No. At this time, we only allow one name on the account. You can shop for your friends and receive boxes in your name at the address!

You cannot use your US Delivered address to receive mail. If anything is delivered by USPS, we will need Form 1583 before releasing that item, per U.S. federal laws.

Contact us via During business hours, we are also available via chat at the bottom of your screen and via 1-866-611-0112.

Shopping from the US

If there are no shipping restrictions on the items you are buying, you can order from any retailer that ships to U.S. addresses, even those that our competitors can't offer.

When you're looking for ways to save on international shopping, be sure to sign up for email alerts from us for the best deals and also visit our Daily Deals page (coming soon!)

My Account

Enter your US Delivered address as your shipping address any time you shop online from U.S. retailers.

Keeping your address is $5 per month which includes a Free US address and the ability to recieve and ship packages, Free consolidation and Free storage of your boxes for 30 days. Visit our membership page to secure your address.

Please double check your username and password. If you still have trouble contact us via

At this time, we only allow one name on the account, which must match the name on the credit card used for payment.

You will see a link to Upload anytime a document upload is required.

Your account, accessed via a secure login allows you to see photos all boxes that have arrived for you. You can also make choices like:
- bundle items together from multiple boxes

- request more pictures of your items

- get merchandise invoice scanned or discarded

- choose how to ship your items

At this time, we only allow shipment to the address on your credit card. If you need to ship items to a different address, contact us.

Shipping Info

Yes, we offer some of the best rates in the industry! Discounts range from 50-80% off of retail shipping rates. Check out our shipping calculator and you’ll see what we mean!

Depending on your country, you may have to pay additional import fees, duty or brokerage fees to couriers. These are not covered in the shipping rates you are charged by US Delivered.

You can choose from: UPS, FedEx, DHL and Aramex.

No. We don't add a fuel surcharge.

Dimensional weight is based on how long, how wide and how tall your package is, measured in inches. (Convert centimeters to inches.) International carriers base their shipping rates on whichever is greater- your package's actual weight (its weight on the scale) or its dimensional weight.

The industry formula for dimensional weight is Length x Width x Height / 139.

You'll be charged when we process your shipping request.

We accept all major credit cards including most international cards, PayPal, check, wire, Western Union and Alipay. iPay and Bitcoin coming soon!

Several factors could result in your final shipping rate differing from your shipping calculator estimate. Repackaging and consolidating your items could affect the final size of your package, and, in turn, change your shipping costs. If you add insurance, fragile stickers or other special handling requirements, that will also affect shipping costs.

We offer discounts and coupons from time to time to customers on our email list. Be sure to join in to stay in the know about such deals.

Paying for Orders

We use a third party credit card processor who is PCI compliant- this means we never see your complete credit card information and do not store it anywhere on the site or our servers.

We accept all major credit cards including most international credit cards, PayPal, check, wire, Western Union and Alipay. Ipay and Bitcoin coming soon!

We display our fees in U.S. dollars.

We'll consolidate individual charges into one invoice when we ship. This is to reduce international transaction fees. On the invoice you get for your package, you'll see one line item for each service you requested as well as the shipping charges. We'll add up each item, and then charge the total cost for the package to your payment method.

When you request a shipment, we'll authorize your payment method for the estimated shipping charges. Your request will be approved only if your payment method has enough funds to cover shipping costs. You may see this transaction show up as an "authorization" in your records for your payment method. An authorization holds the funds until we process your shipment.

Sometimes the final shipping costs will be higher or lower than the estimate in your authorized amount. If the final shipping costs are lower than the authorized amount, we'll charge your payment method for the shipping costs, and the remaining funds that were on hold will be released.

If the final shipping costs are more than the authorized amount, we'll submit a separate charge. This may look like a duplicate charge in your transaction records, but you won't be charged twice. Your bank or financial institution will release the funds that had been on hold in the initial authorization.

We will keep you updated via email about authorized amounts and your actual shipping charges. You can also see your charges, billing and account information by logging into your account.

This 3- or 4-digit code printed somewhere on your credit card helps prevent fraud. Your card issuer might decline transactions that don't include this code.

On most cards, you'll find the security code/CVN/CVV on the back, in the white area just above the signature line. American Express prints its code on the front of cards. Look on the right side of the card just above the card number.

If you're having trouble finding your security code/CVN/CVV, contact your card issuer.

Email us at for this information.

You can do that via the Payments tab in your account. Log into your account here.

Check for the following issues that may have caused your card to be declined:
• Is it expired?

• Did your credit card number change?

• Did your card have enough available balance to cover your purchases?

• Is the card authorized for online and/or international transactions?

• Did you provide the security code/card verification number if it was needed to complete the transaction?

• Has your issuer placed a hold on your funds?

Contact your card issuer for more details about your specific situation.

Package Receiving & Storage

It probably has not been delivered to our warehouse yet. We add packages that arrive in near real time, and within a couple of hours of delivery.

Shippers will sometimes mark a package delivered in error. Contact us if your tracking shows delivered and the item is not showing in your account. We can contact the delivery shipper to find out where your package is.

Yes. Individual sellers (such as eBay or Etsy sellers) can ship to your US Delivered address.

No, we are not set up for walk-ins or pick ups.

Our Track-Me-Home™ feature guarantees delivery and sends you tracking updates regularly. Be sure to add US Delivered to your list of safe/approved email senders. You can also opt to receive notifications via text, Facebook or Twitter.

Insuring Your Shipment

We include FREE insurance for up to $100 for your items. You can get additional insurance when shipping your goods.

File a claim via for missing shipments within 7 days of the expected delivery date.
Once a claim is approved, we will replace the cost of the damaged or lost items and the international transportation costs within 3 days.

Claims will be paid by check or refund to the account you used to purchase the items.

If you choose to opt out of insurance, you will not have the ability to file a claim for loss or damage to your shipment.

If damage should occur on an insured shipment, you must submit a claim within 7 days of the receipt of the package.
Once a claim is approved, we will replace the cost of the damaged or lost items and the international transportation costs within 3 days.

Claims will be paid by check or refund to the account you used to purchase the items.

If you choose to opt out of insurance, you will not have the ability to file a claim for loss or damage to your shipment.

Declared Values & Receipts

A merchant invoice will show the price you paid for your merchandise.

Many merchants will include the invoice with your package. You may also receive your merchant invoice via email.

A merchant invoice is sometimes also called an MI or a payment receipt.

Hold onto these invoices. Besides the purchase price, they often have other information, such as the name and address of a seller, that US Delivered or your customs office may need.

A merchant invoice provides us information we're required to have under U.S. law, such as purchase price and (often) the seller's name and address, before we can ship your packages. When there's no invoice, we have to contact you for this information. Thus, having an invoice saves you a step in the shipping process and helps you get your items more quickly.

Sometimes a merchant may provide only an electronic invoice, or an eBay seller or private individual may neglect to provide you an invoice at all. In those cases, you'll need to email your seller to request a paper invoice listing the seller's name, address and the price you paid for your purchase.

Tip: Did you indicate in your order that your purchase was a gift? On merchant invoices for gifts (also called gift receipts), many merchants will not include the price you paid for the merchandise. In those cases, US Delivered will need additional information from you before we can send you your purchases.

Yes. We'll simply convert the prices using current exchange rates.

The U.S. Census Bureau requires us to report the value of your goods.

When the merchant includes an invoice with pricing, we can use the merchant invoice to report that information.

If there's no merchant invoice in your package, or the invoice doesn't list prices, you'll have to provide that information to us before we can export your items.

You will be able to do that when you ship your items via your account. Secure your account today and get shopping!

Restricted Items

Prohibited items: We can't ship you items that are prohibited in your country or that are prohibited for export from the U.S.

Restricted items: We may be able to send restricted items after we review whether it's permitted to ship them from the U.S. and receive them in your country. The review process may mean it will take longer for your item to ship.

If you have questions about items that may be prohibited or restricted,contact us before you order. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to ship an item back to the seller and that we may be required to dispose of it.

We CAN ship agricultural items that meet the following conditions:

  • They meet U.S. export requirements.
  • Your country's customs office allows them to be imported.

We CANNOT ship:

  • Items that your country prohibits.
  • Items for which your country requires a pre-shipment inspection or a phytosanitary certificate from the shipper.
  • Foreign seeds or plants that are not properly imported into the U.S.
  • Items that are not labeled with genus, species and country of origin.
  • Live plants.
  • Loose soil.

Contact your customs office to learn about regulations in your country. We will return live plants to senders within the U.S. We will properly discard foreign seeds and plants that are not properly imported into the U.S.

Many countries restrict food imports. Contract your customs office to get specific information for your country.

We CANNOT export food items that:

  • Are perishable (require refrigeration).
  • Have a label in a foreign language.
  • Are restricted for export by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Do not meet all FDA regulations.
  • Do not have packaging that includes the following: name of the product, ingredient list in English, nutritional information in English.

We will use the merchant invoice (if available) to determine whether the food meets FDA regulations for export. If there is no invoice and/or we cannot find the information needed to determine whether export is permitted, we will not be able to send your food item to you. In some cases, we not be able to send it back to the seller.

Controlled substances are drugs that are illegal to sell or subject to sales restrictions in the U.S.

We cannot ship controlled substances or any products that contain controlled substances.

Please note that some products that may be unrestricted in your country may be controlled substances in the U.S. Examples include Hoodia and Sudafed.

We CAN ship most over-the- counter medications if they arrive in their original packaging and they may be distributed within the U.S. Before we ship any medication to you, we'll make sure that it can be distributed within the U.S. This compliance review may mean that it will take longer before your package is ready to ship. We CANNOT ship you non-prescription or over-the- counter medication that originated from a merchant outside the U.S.

No, we cannot. Human growth hormones are marketed under brand names such as Norditropin, Nutropin, Omnitrope, Saizen and Genotropin.

Bodybuilding vitamins/supplements like creatinine are not considered human growth hormone.

No. There are no exceptions to the laws that prohibit us from exporting prescription medications, controlled substances and human growth hormones.

Additionally, we cannot send you assays, peptides, biological media or vaccines of any kind (human, animal, veterinary).

We are required by law to dispose of such items at a designated facility.

We cannot return them to the sender.

We can help you return counterfeit items that come from within the U.S. if the merchant provides a return label. If there is no return label or the merchant does not accept returns, we are required to discard the item.

These are items that require special handling, packaging and labeling for international shipping. Common items such as hairspray, spray paint, lighters, nail polish and perfume are considered dangerous because they are under pressure or flammable.

Different countries have different rules on what dangerous goods/hazardous materials are allowed to be imported.

Contact us to get specific information on your country and the items you want to ship.

Yes, the fees vary depending on the item. Please contact us for more info.

No. We cannot export badges, body armor/protective clothing containing body armor, handcuffs, police batons, surveillance equipment or any other products that appear related to police, government or military use.

Contact us if you have questions about whether an item is considered a police or military item.

No. US Delivered cannot export weapons, weapons parts or weapons accessories. This includes items such as ammunition, bayonets, laser-equipped items, night-vision items, pistol grips, rifle butt stocks, scopes or sights, as well as other items that are not listed here. We will not export items restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Contact us if you have questions about whether an item is considered a weapon or weapon accessory.

In most cases, we can ship lithium batteries and devices containing lithium batteries.

Please note that the regulations around lithium batteries are extremely complex, and we may not be able to ship them to some countries. The batteries may also be subject to a dangerous goods handling fee (because of potential fire danger).

Contact us for help determining whether we can export lithium batteries or devices containing them to your country.

No. We cannot export any motorized vehicle that requires a license to operate, such cars, trucks and motorcycles.

It depends on your country. Contact us to learn about regulations on shipping perfume to your country.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prohibits the export of animal products involving endangered or threatened species, migratory birds and marine mammals.

Additionally, US Delivered does not export products derived from animals protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. This includes products made from animals including alligators, crocodiles, elephants, sturgeon caviar, python and teju lizard.

US Delivered will review wildlife and plant products to determine whether we are able to ship them. The fee for this is $50 USD/item. Some products may require a declaration for import/export to be filed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Contact us before you purchase an item that may be covered under these regulations. You should also review your country's rules for import of animal products.


Argentinian customs requires a CUIT/CUIL on the Proforma Invoice of each shipment. Enter the CUIT/CUIL of the consignee under Shipping Preferences in the Tax ID field. If the consignee is not an Argentinian citizen, enter their passport number under Shipping Preferences in the Tax ID field. Argentinian customs will not allow the import if this information is missing, and your shipment may be returned at your expense.

Argentinian customs will provide you with a “number particular” or import number when your shipment reaches Argentina. At the AFIP website, complete the online Form 4550/T-Compras a proveedores del exterior. Your carrier will deliver an “Aviso 3579” notification letter to the consignee, which provides instructions on this new process. Check with Argentinian customs to be sure the consignee has a CUIT/CUIL with an AFIP access level of 2 or greater.

Under Australian Customs regulations:

We must have the seller's name and address to export any package to Australia. In most cases, this information is on the merchant invoice included with your package. If the merchant does not include an invoice, or if the invoice does not list the seller’s name and address, your shipment may be delayed while we collect this information.

We can ship dangerous goods to Australia via FedEx and DHL for you. Each carrier has specifications regarding the delivery area, quantity and type of commodity. We will automatically ship your goods with the carrier that can transport your items. In some cases, this may require that we remove an item or items from your shipment and send them in a separate shipment via an alternate carrier. We will always inform you if your package contains Dangerous Goods when it arrives and when you submit a shipment request.

If you submit a ship request that does not meet the criteria for delivery via your preferred courier, we will automatically ship your package via the appropriate courier.

We must have record of the seller’s name and address before we can export any package to these countries. In most cases, this information is on the merchant invoice with your package. If the merchant does not include an invoice, or if the invoice does not list the seller’s name and address, your shipment may be delayed as we collect this information.

We must have record of the seller’s name and address before we can export any package to these countries. In most cases, this information is on the The Saudi Food and Drug Authority requires permits for certain drugs, supplements and pharmaceutical products. Learn more here.

If you receive an item that requires a permit, we will email you a link to the permit request form. Request an import permit by downloading the form, completing it and emailing it to the Saudi Food and Drug Authority at the address on the bottom of the form.

We will go ahead and send your merchandise to you, but you may be unable to receive it until the import permit is approved.

Personal Shopping Concierge

Our Personal Shopping Concierge Service lets you shop your favorite U.S. retailers even if you don't have or don't wish to use an international credit card. Tell us what items you would like, and we'll shop U.S. sites for you.
Your goods ship to your U.S. address at our facility in Houston, Texas, and then we send them on to you. Payment is by wiring money. Learn more about how Personal Shopping Concierge Service works here.

All orders placed by 2 p.m. U.S. Central Time will ship the same day. Click here to convert time zones.

No, we can ship any sized orders including those that may need to be sent by sea freight.

Once an order is placed, if the merchant does not allow us to cancel the order, we cannot do so. If the merchant allows for cancellation of the order, you will be responsible for any cancellation charges the merchant may charge and a $10 cancellation fee.

Yes, but please note that such orders cannot be cancelled once placed.

Yes, we can help you return your items if the merchant accepts returns, for a fee of $5/package.

We cannot bid for you on eBay or any auction site. If you win a bid, we can help you pay for it and have the items shipped to your US Delivered address.

We will contact you if an item is not in stock. We encourage you to act quickly if you find an item you wish to buy as sales and deals often get sold out very quickly in the US.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us.