How Our Package Forwarding Service Works:

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Register online and get a permanent US Delivered mailing address instantly.

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Shop US brands and deals. Ship to your US Delivered address at checkout. 

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View your packages online in your US Delivered account. Choose from a variety of shipping methods and SAVE big with our consolidation and repack services.

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Get your packages within 2-4 days, secure and worry free with our unique Track-Me-Home service.

Why We Are The Best Package Forwarding Service. Ever. 

Permanent US Address.

Complete our easy online registration form and get a FREE and Permanent US address. Really. Even if you cancel your service, you can come back anytime and use that same address. You can begin shopping with your personal US address right away.

Photos of Your Items.

Shop with added peace of mind. When your orders arrive at our warehouse, we'll send you a photo of your box. We can also open your package and send you photos of your items and check for breakage, accuracy etc.

Free Bundling/Repacking.

Order from different retailers and ship to your US Delivered address. Then consolidate your orders into one box for shipping to save big on international shipping costs. On that note, we offer the best shipping rates. Of any service. Guaranteed.


Our free Track-Me-Home™ service makes international shopping fun and easy! You can follow the progress of your packages from the time you order them until they reach your doorstep. No more lost or missing packages.

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No Credit Card? No Problem.

Remove shopping obstacles with US Delivered!

Most US merchants welcome global shoppers, but there may be times when you run into one of the following:

Retailer only accepts certain forms of payment

Your credit card does not allow you to purchase from that site

Retailer requires payment through PayPal or money order

Retailer does not accept payment by check or wire transfer

This is where the US Delivered team comes in. Our personal shopping concierges will make the purchases for you. Never miss another sale or deal!


How Personal Shopper Service Works


What Our Customers Say

“I got my stuff in 3 days! You guys rock and I am very pleased. Keep up the good work”

- Yi Ling, Singapore