Personal Shopping Concierge
How It Works:

No credit card? No problem. We can handle your transaction start to finish.
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Let us know the items you want to buy and we´ll give you a price for shopping + shipping.

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After you wire us money, we buy your items and they ship to our U.S. facility.
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More than one order? We can consolidate your packages into one box for delivery.
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Your items ship to you, and you can track them every step of the way.

Why you should shop with us:

Permanent US Address.

When you sign up for a Permanent U.S. address with us, it's yours forever! Your goods are shipped to your U.S. address at our state-of-the art warehouse in Houston, Texas, USA. (Even after you cancel your membership, you can come back anytime and use that same address )

Photos of Your Items.

Shop with added peace of mind. When your orders arrive at our warehouse, you can see the photo of your box via your Inbox. We can also open your package and send you photos of your items and check for breakage, accuracy etc.

Free Bundling +

We can order from different retailers for you, have all the packages shipped to our Houston facility and then consolidate your orders into one box for shipping. That makes your shopping more convenient and more affordable.


Our free Track-Me-Home™ service takes the unknowns out of international shopping. From the time your items get to us, you will know exactly where they are on their way to you. And you can follow the progress of your packages as they ship to you.

What Our Customers Say

“I ordered baby powder milk using US Delivered and received the package via DHL... The best service, rates and shipping care!”

- Meifeng, China